Personal style is about balance. Not just balance for the physical attributes, but also your attitude. Not every style is for you. A particular designer or design house may say, “This is for you this season,” but that is not necessarily true. Example: a heavy man will look lighter with a trim coat buttoned, however, he will look heavier with a tight or very loose coat.


One of my friends has a saying,

“A man of style always purchases the best quality clothing he can afford. It is better to have one quality suit than three inferior suits.”

As with personal style, most of my friends are interested in the same things I am. That would be: wine, watches, cars, and writing instruments.


Anyone can find a good $50 bottle of wine, but finding one under $30 or even $20 makes it all the more enjoyable.

A couple of wines I have found very enjoyable are:

  • Bodegas El Nido – Clio – Spain
  • Unánime – Mascota – Argentina
  • Louis M. Martini 2014 Cabernet – Alexander Valley
  • Tormaresca – Primitivo – Torcicoda



When in Chicago check out Marshall Pierce & Co. They carry most of the best brands as well as outstanding jewelry.

Writing Instruments


Writing instruments are as much an accessory as cuff links. A well-dressed man should use a quality writing instrument. I have been buying my fine pens from Bertram’s Inkwell for years. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional when helping you pick a writing instrument that fits you and your needs. Bert sells most of the major brands.